June 27, 2012

Viola Odorata

It's a big call but I have to say that I think this next cake is the prettiest cake I've done to date.

Violet Cake-3

I love the simplicity, elegance and colour of this cake. Although the design isn't exactly extravagant like my usual style, theres something about the look of this cake that makes me swoon and so proud to say "yep I did that".

Violet Cake-6
The lovely Nicola of Note to Self approached me to make some "Violet macarons" .. not the colour violet but violet flavoured. She then requested for a cake along the same lines.

Violet Cake-1

As I have never used fresh flowers on a cake before I thought this would be my chance. I decided to incorporate fresh edible 'violets' also called Viola Odorata into the cake. The cake was a light lemon curd and vanilla flavour with a meringue icing topped with these gorgeous violets.

I didn't really know what violets tasted like before this. So after tasting these fresh blossoms it was quite interesting, it was quite tart but floral at the same time and you can taste the smell if that makes sense. It was a lovely subtle floral flavour to add a bit of difference to your sweets. On a side note DO NOT TRY A SINGLE DROP OF CONCENTRATED VIOLET ESSENCE STRAIGHT FROM THE BOTTLE - it will blow your face off (needless to say, I'm speaking from experience).

Violet Cake-5

Violet Cake-7

Violet Cake-8

Violet Cake-9

Violet Cake-11
Perhaps it was just the fact that I love the colour purple, which is why I love this cake. But who wouldn't melt at the sight of these beautiful purple blossoms! They look like beautiful little purple butterflies at a distance... Nature at its finest if you ask me! 

ps. please note that not all violets are edible! Check with your florist, supplier or google before placing them on a cake.


  1. the cake is so elegant and pretty! love the striking violet on a white cake!

  2. Sigh, what a beautiful and delicate cake. I love floral flavours and those macs just look divine!

  3. That is the prettiest cake (and macarons) ever! Have you tried those violet candies? They are very fragrant, too.

    1. No I haven't had the chance yet.. Although my bf said he had these violet rock candies when he was little... No idea what they are tho?

  4. Sigh, all that purple is ah-mazing. Gorgeous work as usual Rhonda! PS - I love love love Note to Self :)

    1. I have to visit this store! Ive seen pics on their website and it looks gorgeous! Maybe Steph, you and me should do a day date.. Note to self then mamak! Hahha

  5. Stunning Rhonda! You've outdone yourself :) Especially considering that you got that last minute job to do Jessica Rowe's birthday cake at the same time! Nuts! I'm so glad Nicola contacted you to do this job, she's so lovely! You know I love purple too and now I really really want this cake!!! I've only baked with candied violets but I would love to try using fresh ones. So gorgeous!!!

    1. Thanks Steph! I know!! Thanks so much for referring her to me! I was really stoked to be able to make such a pretty cake :) you should so sought out the fresh violets you'll love em!

  6. That cake is simple yet elegant. Just beautiful!

  7. Love anything purple and love the cake and macarons! Stunning work as usual :)


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