June 19, 2012

Angry Birds, Champagne & Tennis


I have some very personal cakes to share with you guys! Each cake was made especially with the birthday boy/girl in mind and each is so different and versatile! Think this is exactly what I love about the cake decorating/making scene. No 2 cakes are really ever the same and each has so much personalisation which makes it so special :)

Tennis Cake
This cake was for a father and son birthday. Both are big lovers of tennis so I decided to make a completely edible tennis racquet for them :)

Tennis Cake-2

Angry Birds!
I remember when these little guys first came out, awesome game. I was pretty hooked!! lol So when one of my clients asked me to make a cake based off the red angry bird, I was genuinely excited to replicate these cute little angsty suckers! lol! The thing that made me laugh was that it was for a little 1 year old girl. hahaha I can just imagine her slinging this one back into those little green pigs and giggling when all the bricks fell.

Angry Birds-1

Champagne Showers
This has got to be one of the heaviest cakes I've done lately. The bottom was a big double 12 inch mamma and the top a double barrel 8 inch carved into an ice bucket.
Champagne Showers-6

What I love so much about this cake was that there was alot of detail all surrounding the birthday girl. She loves to party and there was so much fun and energy from her personality that I wanted to capture in the cake. I had a little Louis Vuitton bag that she always wears, heels for fashion, her basketball jersey and a Bulldogs flag. I even put a little glass of champagne in her hands to go with the Dom Perignon! hehehe

Champagne Showers-4

Champagne Showers-3

Champagne Showers-7
I have to say when I saw these candles in the store I just had to incorporate them into the cake because they were just sooo cute!! ... instead of "Moet and Chandon" .. it said "Mao and Chandon" Hahahhaha ... yes yes I'm easily amused! lol

Champagne Showers-8
If only this was a real DP... I remember I bought one once for a farewell gift for work... never got to try it tho... guess I'll just have to stick with my sugary edible one for now ;)

Champagne Showers-9

On a side note....
brr its cold in Sydney lately huh?! Hope everyone is keeping warm and pumping up those Vit C's to keep from getting ill! xx

Also, Ive got a reallly reallllly exciting cake coming up soon... so make sure you "keep tuned" to see what the next sugary creation is that I'm so excited about ;)


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