February 19, 2013

Early 2013 update!


I know I know, its been a while since my last post. I do apologise.. yes its the usual "sorry I've been busy" line I'm gonna throw at you ... but its true! I've been meaning to get a post out but everytime the thought of having to collate, review and edit pics etc was just too much, so I probably went and baked, ate or slept (seems all I've been doing lately).

So, enough whinging about nothing... Life's been great lately actually.. let me show you some seriously cool cake designs that have kept me on my toes :)


Arianna-6 Arianna-4
This was such a sweet cake, the bunting was made from entirely edible gumpaste and prints. It was made for a garden themed party.

Lion King

One of my childhood favourites!! Hakuna Matata!!! ♥

Lion King-1


The first I heard of this sweet little owl was when I was asked to make this cake.. I'm thinking to myself.. who is Hootabelle? What happened to good ol' Sesame Street? ... guess I'll be kept up to date when I have a bubba of my own. 

Rubber Ducky

Rubber Ducky-2
Funnily enough, this ducky coincided with the giant ducky that was on display in Sydney Harbour at the time...but that wasn't my inspiration for this cake.. it was the request of a bubble bath/rubber ducky loving toddler :)
Rubber Ducky-1

Netherlands Soccer Fan

Netherlands Soccer collage-1
I dont really know anything about soccer, but I hope I did the team and their jersey justice!

All Stars Cake

All Stars-2
This cake was super cool!! I was quite stressed out about it to be honest. Mainly thinking how am I going to balance the ball and more so the football on each tier of cake! After alot of engineering thoughts I managed to stabilise each tier.. hardly moved at all during delivery! Not to mention the whole thing was edible!
All Stars-1

Sweet Girly


Loving the colours on this cake. There's only one word which comes to mind - "sweet"!

Police Hat CakePolice Cake Collage

Before you ask, yes it was for a real cop! And no, he didn't come in uniform to collect the cake... much to my sisters disappointment lol!

CNY 2013-1

Hope everyone has been well and enjoyed the break. I know we're in February already and lots of events have passed but still wanna wish everyone a...
Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Hei Fat Choi! xxx


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