August 2, 2012

Harry Potter!

Hello Peeps!!

Remember when I mentioned in a previous post that I had an upcoming cake that I was very very excited about?? Well I did it!! And for all those who's a bit of a Facebook junkie like me, you would have already seen all the pics plastered up.....

It was my Harry Potter cake!! Most certainly the biggest cake that I have made to date, it was such fun to make! Bradley and Hansen from Anime at Abbotsford contacted me way back at the beginning of the year about this mammoth cake. From the word go I was quite giddy at the thought of making a Harry Potter themed cake (because I am such a secret HP nerd fan). At first I thought that they meant they needed a 300-400 serve cake for a little boys' birthday who was having a Harry Potter themed party, I was thinking omg thats one popular kid...but then upon clarification I realised it was to celebrate Harry's birthday for a cosplay event.

The inital design was meant to be a Hogwarts Castle but we then decided to change it to something smaller. I was given free reign to do whatever I wanted, which was awesome because I really did go all out trying to incorporate as much HP stuff in the cake as possible.


I decided we needed a trunk, Hedwig, the sorting hat and some books. To add to the over look of the cake Harry's glasses and wand along with the Snitch and some potions were also a must. What is a kid that doesnt like sweets? So I incorporated all the funky gadgets and lollies from the movie for the final touch. I had Bertie Botts every flavoured beans, chocolate frogs and of course a Weasley & Weasley naughty gadget! - The Jinx Off.


Everything on this cake was edible. The hat was sculpted, even the box of Bertie Botts was made from edible gumpaste. I loved making this cake because of the amount of detail I could put into it.




The day went really well, Wobbles and I were dressed as Gryffindor students and ready to rock and roll!! It was such a great turn out and was such a joy to see little kids running around "attacking" the dementor hehe. There was a raffle organised where the prize was to be on TV with channel TVS cutting the cake and they also got to keep the snitch. In the end, one woman won and she had the hard job of to choosing between her 3 boys for this task.







The cake was the centre piece of the whole event and it was quite funny to see people ooo and ahhh over it. There were constant crowds surrounding the cake and through out the day you could hear people say .. "GO LOOK AT THE CAKE!!"& "OMG the cake!". There was one girl who forced her brother (who was not too interested). It was awesome to see such a positive reaction :)





When the time came to cutting the cake, I swear it felt like I was in a mosh pit. There were so many people and so many kids around that I just could not move!! Eventually, the 3 little winners of the raffle cut the cake with the TV crew exclaiming it "would be easier to film in a war zone".


I dismantled the books first, which were chocolate flavoured with chocolate ganache. Then moved onto the owl which was vanilla flavoured with white chocolate ganache. The suitcase was a hazelnut flavour. The cake served at least 450 people and there was still half of the suitcase left and the whole sorting hat left. Im sure Bradley and Hansen are still having cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


It was awesome to be apart of such a fun event! A big thank you to Anime at Abbotsford for organising and to Suiyi and Victor of Suictor Photography for the photos!

I'm actually currently at the airport waiting for my flight to London for the next 3 weeks... just trying to get this post done before I leave lol! So.. there wont be any cake updates for a while. But stay tuned for some London & France highlights when I get back! :)


Anime at Abbotsford
318 Great North Road
Abbotsford NSW 2046
(02) 9712 1418

Suictor Photography


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