October 3, 2011

Fancy Schmancy Kitchen Aid

There was something at the top of my hit list for coming to the States. And that was to get me a brand spanking new mama Kitchen Aid mixer for the baby Artisan mixer I have at home.

Of course I opted for the newest, biggest, baddest kitchen aid they had to offer. The Kitchen Aid Pro 600 series. This beauty not only has a bigger capacity than the baby at home but is also more powerful. I was hoping to get a baby blue colour to supplement my baby pink one at home but of course this bad ass doesnt come in all the pretty colours we so much desire (I suppose it wouldnt really be prudent for professional chefs such as Gordon Ramsey for example to have a flaming pink professional mixer in his kitchen).

Anyhows, after much debate I went for the black coloured one (mostly because they didnt have the red one and I couldnt be bothered to wait for shipping!). Looking at my mixer one day, it was sleek, it was sexy but there was something missing. 

So.... after much internal dilemma, I decided to pimp my mama ;)

Isn't she so pretty?? It was pretty easy to do. You just need to clean the surface really so that there's no dirt or dust on it then stick on the gems. I bought these cool sticky gems from MichaelsHope they don't come off too easy though :)

Coincidently, about a week later the lovely ladies aka Fantastic Four, were graduating from school. So we decided to give them a little graduation gift. I got really excited and creative, so volunteered to put something together for them on everyones behalf.

It took me ages!! I stuck the jewels on one by one with super glue and I almost stuck my fingers together too LOL!
Even the Chefs liked the pressies!

Congratulations to R, E, S & E on finishing!! Wish you guys the best of luck! We'll miss you! x


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