About Me

Hi Guys,

Welcome to The Dainty Baker!!

For those who don't know me, I'm a Sydneysider who has a passion for all things cakey and pretty. I love to cook but mostly bake. I founded this blog whilst I was working full time in the Construction industry as a medium to not only escape the mundane everyday work life but to channel and nuture my creative efforts.

Recently, I left my profession behind and decided to take a break and travel to USA. I enrolled in a 6 month baking course at the Notter School of Pastry Art, thus starting my journey along the road of European Pastry Arts.

I write about the cakes, creations and dishes that I've made along with the occasional rant here and there. But generally it pretty much follows my life as an inbetween corporate by day, cake decorator and baker by night.

If you are interested in enquiring about a cake, cupcakes or a dessert table please feel free to contact me via email thedaintybaker@gmail.com. Don't forget to check out my gallery on the "Couture Cakes and Sweets" page and information about the flavours and a general price guide can also be found of the "Pricing page". All cakes are specially designed and catered to you for all occasions.

I hope that this blog will bring my readers inspiration as well as eye googling and mouth watering sweets to dream about.


Email: thedaintybaker [at] gmail [dot] com
Website: http://thedaintybaker.blogspot.com


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