November 28, 2012

Three Weddings and a Birthday

I can't believe it's the end of Nov/beginning of Dec already. Where has 2012 gone? Maybe it is true what they say after you turn 25, time just flies! lol!

To give you an update about whats been happening at The Dainty Baker is just one word - "Weddings". It's definitely that time of year! .. and upon lengthy conversations with my cousin, who is in the process of becoming a bride, I was educated as to why this is the popular season for them. I'm going to share this newly found knowledge with you guys incase you're like me and clueless about weddings - I just do the cake part!

It is currently Spring (although only for a few more days), so the weather is warm enough yet not too hot yet. Summer is too hot (Dec-Feb), Winter is too cold and Autumn tends to rain too much... so there you have it! Sept -Dec seems the best time to get married in Australia :)

Here's the first one:

Croquembouche - This is probably the biggest croquembouche I've made to date. It was especially ordered by a bride from Hong Kong who was coming over to Sydney for her reception. It had a whopping 180 puffs. Each filled with pastry cream then constructed together with golden toffee.

Wedding Cake 3-1

Spring Delight - The top tier was a vanilla bean custard flavour, second tier - lemon curd and vanilla and the 3rd tier was a Mango, Lychee and coconut combo. The bride had peonies for her flowers, so I used this to incorporate into the design of the cake.

Wedding Cake 2-2

Isabella - The cute stripe top tier works well with the elegance of the second tier. The second tier was based off the lace of the brides wedding dress. The 3rd tier adds a bit of edge - covered in edible silver leaf. Gumpaste peonies were also used to top off the cake. Flavours of this cake include - "Little Red Riding Hood"- Red Velvet, "Americ-Amel" - Caramel & "Gianduja" - Hazelnut. 

Wedding Cake 1-3

Also, a few weeks ago... if you didn't see on my Facebook Page... my Croquembouche wedding cake got featured in Colin Cowie Weddings! I was sooo excited!! :) :) :)

In addition to these wedding cakes I also had the honor of making this veryyy cute and adorable birthday cake. It was a combination of Minions from 'Despicable Me' facing off with Pikachu from Pokemon. Each little figurine had a different expression and it was so awesome to see it come together so nicely!

Minions & Pikachu-2

Another announcement is, with the Festive season coming on we are starting to take orders for Gingerbread Houses!!
Gingerbread hosue-1
Place your order at The Dainty Baker Shop or alternatively drop me an email. But remember to hurry as there is only a select number available and you don't want to miss out!

Happy Caking!!


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