January 26, 2012

Australia Day

I love Australia Day, besides the fact that we get a public holiday and all. Its a day where you can get together with some mates for a BBQ, have a few drinks, soak up some sun (except this year the weather started out pretty poo but fortunately cleared up later in the day). Its kinda cliche but I do feel really proud to be Australian and it makes me realise everything I love about my country and how lucky I am to be living in such an awesome country.

When I was in the US, I was constantly surprised at all the things I was talking about, assuming that they'd know what I was going on about only to find that they didnt most of the time. LOL an example is, for some odd reason I was craving Curly Wurlys... but they had no idea what they were! It was a little frustrating because I'd turn to make a comment or share a thought but they couldnt relate! It was then that I realised that I assumed nothing was actually Australian and that it had come from the rest of the world or I assumed they'd have been exposed to what I have. They do say travelling broadens the mind hehe. So anyways, this started me thinking, there's the obvious Vegemite and Fosters beer thats typically Australian, what else? It really opened my eyes that I took so many things for granted! Tim Tams, Milo etc. Couldve been the homesickness setting in but I'm glad it made me think and for that I'm so much more appreciative of what is "Australian".

In keeping with tradition, this Australia Day we had a BBQ... but we also had a special little extra BBQ too!
Australia Day-1
I made a cake based off an Australian classic, the lamington. My cake, as I like to call it, was "inverted" lamington flavoured, i.e. chocolate cake with vanilla coconut icing.
Australia Day-2
Australia Day-3
Still had the 'snags'
Australia Day-4
Chicken wings
Australia Day-5
Shish Kebabs... gosh thats another thing I found out! Americans call kebabs, kebobs LOL! Made me laugh
Australia Day-8
The stereotypical stubbie holder and BBQ .... see peeps no "shrimp on the Barbie"
Australia Day-14
Our lovely Australia Day lunch spread

Australia Day-6

Hope everyone had a great Australia day! ♥

(ps if anyone listened to the top 100 on Triple J ... what a disappointment! No.1 was predictable and the lead up was kinda shameful.. what happened to the FOOIES????)

January 25, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Around comes another year on the Chinese calendar and this time its the year of the almighty.... DRAGON!!!
Chinese new year 2012-32

I've been looking forward to the turn of the new year since the start of last year. Why? Because (us Asians are so damn superstitious) last year was the year of the Rabbit, which was the year that I was born in and they say that if its your 'year' you're meant to get alot of bad luck... which I admit, happened to me (be it that I was sensitive to it happening due to my superstition or not!)

Either way, start of the new year means a new beginning... something I've needed :D So, sending happiness and prosperity to everyone!! Gong Hei Fat Choy!!!

Chinese new year 2012-15
I was quite festive this year actually. To bring in the new year I made a Chinese New Year themed cake and cupcakes. 

Chinese new year 2012-14
Chinese new year 2012-12
Lol see all that "Choy" aka gold and prosperity!! Only thing now is for it to turn into reality muahahhahaha

Chinese new year 2012-11
Flowers for beauty and a new beginning

Chinese new year 2012-10
Olden day coins for prosperity

Chinese new year 2012-9
Kumquat for luck

Chinese new year 2012-8
Olden day gold nuggets (equivalent of notes today)

Chinese new year 2012-7
Firecrackers to scare away evil/bad spirits and welcome in the good ones!

Chinese new year 2012-5
Mum commented that this little girl looks like me when I was younger....

Chinese new year 2012-4
Little Boy with "Choy Sun Yeh" (God of Prosperity) Hat

Chinese new year 2012-3 Chinese new year 2012-16
I had to make a special note of this, it is REALLY HARD to pipe curves upwards!! lol

Chinese new year 2012-17 Chinese new year 2012-18 Chinese new year 2012-19 Chinese new year 2012-20 Chinese new year 2012-21
HAHAHA because I'm a "fake" Asian as Wobbles puts it, I actually wrote this word wrong.. until corrected by mum lol I missed one tiny stroke .. oppsies!

Chinese new year 2012-22
Since I was getting all Asiany and Chinesey I decided to invent some new flavours for my cakes too!! This one is Lychee, Coconut and Vanilla. OMG not to blow my own trumpet but this is GOOD!!! The smaller cupcakes had different flavours: Coconut and Chocolate, Pandan and Coconut and Vanilla and Lychee.

Chinese new year 2012-23

 Also a very warm welcome to my lovely... now, I'm not too sure what I'd call her? My second cousin? or my "niece". I think its different in Asian and Caucasian culture. She's my cousins baby, lovely little Adeline! She was brought into the world just a few days before CNY. A beautiful baby girl, very cute! Wishing Mum and bubba the best ♥

Chinese new year 2012-26
Adeline and Me 

Chinese new year 2012-27

Chinese new year 2012-29

Chinese new year 2012-30

Chinese new year 2012-31

Chinese new year 2012-33
And look what arrived in the mail the morning of CNY! The business cards I've been patiently waiting for!!! 

A special Announcement:
I'm starting to take on cake, sweets and cupcake orders. Every order is specially designed and personalised for you. If you are interested please do not hesitate to pop me an email at thedaintybaker@gmail.com, I'd love to hear your fabulous ideas!

January 6, 2012

WELCOME 2012!!


I cant believe we've already rolled around to the start of a brand spanking new year! Hope everyone had a fantastic start to the new year!!

2012 for me was welcomed in with around 100 ppl celebrating at my house with 3 levels of music, karaoke, alcohol, laughter, chatter and of course wayyyyy too much food! :D

I put together a little dessert table for the occasion, which to my surprise was a great hit! The kids and adults alike loved it!!

New Year Dessert Buffet-1

I made a selection of petite fours including:

New Year Dessert Buffet-6
Strawberry flavoured filled with buttercream
New Year Dessert Buffet-7
Chocolate Mud with cream cheese icing
New Year Dessert Buffet-8
Cake Pops
Chocolate fudge with white chocolate coating

The main feature of my dessert table was the New Years Cake. It consisted of 3 tiers of cake. The bottom tier was red velvet and the top two tiers were chocolate mud.
New Year Dessert Buffet-2

New Year Dessert Buffet-3

I also had a selection of lollies and candy...
New Year Dessert Buffet-15New Year Dessert Buffet-14New Year Dessert Buffet-13
New Year Dessert Buffet-11New Year Dessert Buffet-9New Year Dessert Buffet-16

New Year Dessert Buffet-4
I dont usually make new years resolutions, but this year things are going to change! so I've made a couple to help me along. Fingers crossed I keep motivated and inspired!! :) Wonder what everyone elses resolutions are? ... whatever they are, GOOD LUCK!!!

Lots of love and smiles to all my lovely readers! Bring it on 2012! xxox


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