January 6, 2012

WELCOME 2012!!


I cant believe we've already rolled around to the start of a brand spanking new year! Hope everyone had a fantastic start to the new year!!

2012 for me was welcomed in with around 100 ppl celebrating at my house with 3 levels of music, karaoke, alcohol, laughter, chatter and of course wayyyyy too much food! :D

I put together a little dessert table for the occasion, which to my surprise was a great hit! The kids and adults alike loved it!!

New Year Dessert Buffet-1

I made a selection of petite fours including:

New Year Dessert Buffet-6
Strawberry flavoured filled with buttercream
New Year Dessert Buffet-7
Chocolate Mud with cream cheese icing
New Year Dessert Buffet-8
Cake Pops
Chocolate fudge with white chocolate coating

The main feature of my dessert table was the New Years Cake. It consisted of 3 tiers of cake. The bottom tier was red velvet and the top two tiers were chocolate mud.
New Year Dessert Buffet-2

New Year Dessert Buffet-3

I also had a selection of lollies and candy...
New Year Dessert Buffet-15New Year Dessert Buffet-14New Year Dessert Buffet-13
New Year Dessert Buffet-11New Year Dessert Buffet-9New Year Dessert Buffet-16

New Year Dessert Buffet-4
I dont usually make new years resolutions, but this year things are going to change! so I've made a couple to help me along. Fingers crossed I keep motivated and inspired!! :) Wonder what everyone elses resolutions are? ... whatever they are, GOOD LUCK!!!

Lots of love and smiles to all my lovely readers! Bring it on 2012! xxox


  1. Happy New Year Rhonda!!! That entire dessert table is spectacular but holy cow that cake is mind-blowing!! I love love love the ice cream cones!!!

  2. Happy new year! If your cake table is anything to go by, 2012 will be amazing.

  3. Wow, just a LITTLE dessert spread?! My goodness! To have been one of the kids at your get together! Happy New Year to you too Rhonda! :)

  4. Happy New Year lovely lady. This table needs to be behind glass doors for preservation. WOW! Please come over to my place and teach me how to make macarons :)... I mean it :)


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