February 24, 2011

I'm not dead

Hello Everyone!

I know I've been a little M.I.A lately... this year has just been very difficult ...already. I'm sure many of you feel my pain; juggling my work, family, social & love life has been an arduous task to say the least. BUT alas I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel :)

For now.. I dont have any baked goodies to share with you all but I do have a little gem my gf, G and I came across for dinner the other night... its called Sushi Hotaru. Its a new sushi bar that has opened underneath Ichiban Boshi in Galleries Victoria. They have an opening special, where all sushi plates and side dishes are only $2.50!! Bargin, I know!! Hurry, the deal is only until the end of the month tho! Enjoy! x

Sushi Hotaru was a really nice surprise! I was cynical at first, thought that maybe the sushi wouldnt be authentic.. another "Sushi Train" prodigy. But I was impressed, not only do they have an awesome selection, the sushi was true and fresh! It's obviously no Kobe Jones or Sake but I think its good value for money, especially if you want to chill for a mid week dinner out. And who wouldnt want to take advantage at $2.50 a dish!!!

They seriously have the longest sushi train in the world! (Ok not the world but I reckon they could give in the title - "Longest sushi train in Sydney" a good run for its money) It's pretty much the entire width of the building!!


Loved the decor of the place too! The tiled mosaic walls were of the Japanese cityscape, very artsy fartsy :) hehe

Roll Menu

Gunkan menu

Grilled Eel nigiri - $2.50

Edamame beans gunkan $2.50 - this was interesting, I love Edamame beans, so initally I really liked the idea behind it, but I dont think I can say that I am a fan of this one. The rice made the beans too heavy for me.

Kingfish Aburi sushi - $2.50

Kaarage Chicken $2.50 & Gyoza $2.50

Ebi Fry -$2.50

Soft Shell crab salad - Ok so I got a little excited/carried away and thought this was part of the $2.50 menu, unfortunately it wasn't but it was still very delicious, could've lightened up on the ponzu sauce as it got quite acidic towards the end but still good. The crab was fresh and had the right amount of crisp.

Scallop nigiri $2.50 - this has to be my favourite next to the Iku (Squid) nigiri. The freshness and sweetness of seafood really comes through - truely beautiful!

Salmon Aburi sushi - you guessed it! $2.50

Salmon nigiri - $2.50

Strawberry & Red Bean Daifuku $2.50 - one of my favourite Japanese desserts - mochi (rice cake) filled with a red bean paste and a strawberry in the middle. I have to say that the red bean was a little too thick which made it a little heavy and stuck to my throat but all the flavours were there and it was still quite enjoyable!

There were other desserts there too but by this stage I was at bursting point so couldnt fit any more in!! Lol! So I guess I'm just gonna have to rely on you guys to let me know how the other main dishes and desserts are when you go try out this place! ;)

Oooiiissshiii!!! x

Sushi Hotaru
Galleries Victoria, Shop RP1
500 George Street

Sydney, 2000


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