June 23, 2012

Sunrise & Surprise!

Wow ok so I'm buzzing from this morning's excitement!! If you haven't seen the billon posts on Facebook, let me fill you in on what I'm going on about.

It started yesterday afternoon, it was about 5.30 pm.. I was just leaving work when I got a random phone call. It went something like this...

Agent - "Hi Rhonda, I'm a friend of a friend... just wondering if you would be interested in making a cake for Jessica Rowe's birthday." (For those who dont know, Jessica Rowe is like one of the biggest news presenters in Australia)
Me - " Of course!"
Agent - "Its for tomorrow..... 8 am delivery"
Me - " uh.... "

So, I ended up taking the cake on, all the while thinking omg what have I done!! I still had about an hr's drive from work till I got back home so it was all very nerve racking... but jst to add another hurdle to the mountain I was about to tackle. I got a text from the Agent saying its been changed to a 6 am delivery. O.M.G! ... my deadline was now 12 hrs and ticking.

I had nothing prepared obviously because I make everything custom and from scratch so it was a bit of a challenge. On top of it all I also had a previous cake order for Sat already booked in ... so really I my to do list was :

- Jessica Rowe - hand bag cake
- 60 cupcakes for the tower
- Violet cake
- 30 macarons

Let me tell you, I was a baking machine!! I didn't faff about and managed to get all the baking done in 2 hrs. Then I switched back and forth between all the items till I got it all done!! It was a good 3.30 - 4 am by the time I collapsed in bed... only to get woken up by my 5 am alarm to get ready for delivery.

Traffic was a breeze into the city (I'm guessing it usually is at the crack of dawn on a Sat) ... when we got to Channel 7 it was quite hilarious to see people still out from the night before lol!!

Jessica Rowe-1
Jessica Rowe-3

We got into the building and got prepped with what was going to happen. After that it was just a very nervous Rhonda waiting for the cakes to be brought into the news room to surprise Jessica! It was quite funny because so many of the Sunrise crew walking by thought the handbag cake was a real handbag!

Jessica Rowe-8

Jessica Rowe-7

7.36 am came and it was crunch time. They brought the cakes into the news room, whilst Wobbles and I watched the live feed on the telly outside. It was awesome to see her reaction ..check it out below for how it all turned out! In case any of you guys cant see the video, here is the link to the Youtube video.

Just when I thought it was all over, Jessica came running out the news room to say Hi and thanks! I was really taken aback that she had made the effort to come out to thank me :) We were invited into the news room where I got some pics with the crew.

Jessica Rowe-9

I wont take all the credit. My mum was such a sweetie she helped me clean and do the dishes where she could and I couldnt have done it without her. So thanks mum!! Your the best! xxx

That all certainly made my day! and was worth every bit of hard work to pull it off!

Jessica Rowe-5
Happy Birthday Jess! 

♥ The Dainty Baker


  1. That is amazing Rhonda, job well done! I better book my birthday cake in now... =P

  2. You are super awesome! That is a beautiful cake! I love baking but I hate the cleaning after. You have a cool mum

  3. that is amazing! the cake, the time you did it in, just everything!

  4. Gosh, that is AMAZING! The cake and the cupcakes look absolutely...no words can even describe it actually. I'm just amazed. HOW do you manage it in so little time?!!

  5. thats so awesome! your cake looks amazing rhonda and im sure tastes even more incredible!

  6. Oh wow! You are a baking machine girl! Fabulous work hun, it looks amazing!

  7. How cool RY :) BMPX MA2

  8. very nice! the bag not as good as your lakers cake tho!

  9. Amazeballs!! Well done and even I thought it was a handbag!

  10. Congratulations! That's a stunning job, she would have been so stoked when that was revealed. And the bag really does look real!!

  11. omg that's so awesome! can't believe how amazing the handbag looks, not to mention the fact you did it on such a crazy timeline! and woohoo, your business spruiked on live tv! a shame you couldn't sneak in a business card on the cake tier though. lol


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