April 4, 2012

Superhero Cake

Der der der der der der ... der der der der  ...der der der der der derrrrrr BATMAN!!!!

Superohero Cake-1

This is my latest and greatest Superhero Cake!! It was made for dear o' Simon from The Heart Of Food. He was conducting a photography talk at UNSW for the UNSW Photo Club and asked if I would like to be apart of the fun and become one of the sponsors, as well as his subject (my cakes i.e. not me personally lol) for his talk. Honored, I accepted and thus ... this cake was born!
Superohero Cake-3
I was racking my brains to think of what cake I could make that make that would capture the photography crowd. I thought "something cool yet not too girly, something detailed and fun that they could relate to". Lo and behold I came up with this design.
Superohero Cake-5
It was a 3 tiered cake with a Superhero theme. Batman, Spiderman, Superman and Hulk were involved. I wanted to add in Ironman too but unfortunately I didnt have enough time! 

The cake was due for 3 pm at the University. I managed to get it done by 2 pm, which I then ran around like a headless chook getting chocolate off my blouse and face and packing the car ready to head to uni. 

The drive there was nerve racking as per usual! I transported this cake fully assembled, unlike the 1 Month Baby cake, which was delivered in different parts. It barely fit into its designated seat on the floor of the car and was ever looming dangerously close to the glove compartment everytime I made a turn!! But like all fairy tales, there was a happy ending and it arrived safely in one piece! Even Hulk hands and Spidey's Web stayed in tack!! :) When I arrived, Simon quickly brought it into the lecture hall and hid it from the photographers who were to attend the talk in the next 10 or so mins (I know I always leave a very small window for myself.. gonna die from a heart attack one of these days).
Superohero Cake-6
Simon's talk was interesting, informative and funny! Although, throughout it I was a bit nervous as I was going to have get up after his talk to intro myself and The Dainty Baker (its been a while since I did public speaking). But this nervousness was overcome by a different panic as I began to think "OMG, my work is on display... theyre gonna see all the little flaws and scrutinise every little detail with their fancy schmancy cameras!" Lol It was only when he brought out my Chinese New Year dummy cake to photograph, and I heard some of them whisper "wows and ahhh's!!" that I eased up a bit.

The grande finale came and I made my way down the lecture hall steps (Ha! I didnt stack it!!) I introduced myself and gave a bit of a spiel of what I do and how I've got to where I am now and Simon brought out the cake. The whole theatre went "wooowww" and then started clapping which I totally was not expecting and I bet I was blushing like a red tomato!! lol
Superohero Cake-2
It was so lovely and great to see such a positive reaction to my work and although I'm not too good with compliments I couldnt help but be a proud little Dainty Baker whilst standing there watching the cake paparazzi's do their thing and enjoying the cake afterwards :)

Band of Superheroes
My band of Superheroes - Lol was funny watching everyone call shot gun on the logos

Rhonda Cutting Cake
Although I'm a baker - I really dont like cutting cake lol 

Simon & Me
Photos Courtesy of UNSW PhotoClub

A big thanks to Simon from The Heart of Food for giving me this opportunity to demonstrate and display my skills and UNSW Photo Club for having me. It was great fun, hope there will be many more to come :)


  1. Amazingly awesome cake! You are so creative.

  2. Excellent work with the cake. It was very much appreciated by all (myself included) :)

  3. Thanks so much for coming and bringing your amazing cake! I think both you and Simon have inspired a whole bunch of aspiring bakers and food photographers within the club!

  4. Looks like the club was tons of fun to be had! Love the happy snaps of people being.. happy :) the cake is pretty awesome!

  5. So colourful and so creative! Love how fun the cake is, must have been fun to put together! :) Great work!

  6. Flippin' heck! That is one fantastic cake! It must of taken you ages to complete but it looks so impressive I am sure it was worth the effort. Well done.

  7. thanks for the comment! you're cake was awesome haha. I knew it was going to be good but that blew my mind!!

  8. Was a gorgeous cake and tasted delicious! Awesomeness!!

  9. ARgh!! for some reason i cant reply to each of your comments individually :( but just wanted to say thanks for all the nice comments guys!! :) it was indeed loads of fun to put together... i <3 superheroes! lol

  10. you did such a good job! wish i saw that in person!

  11. amazing cake! i love all the detailing!

  12. Hey Rhonda, you're doing a fantastic job! I finally got around to editing some of my photos from the day, which include the Chinese cake as well. They are at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rajbhoy/sets/72157629599729908/with/7142226793/

  13. Fabulous cake - best super hero idea I have seen so far - what did you put between the tiers. Would love to make for my son.

    1. Thanks Lola! I used dowels fondant and foam board. Good Luck! Let me know how it goes! x


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