March 19, 2012

Rapunzel, let down your hair!!

My darling Chels turned 2 over the weekend. If you've been around long enough you would probs remember the massive 1 year Winnie the Pooh Birthday cake I made for her last year :) This year I was a little pushed for time so I opted for something slightly simpler, a Rapunzel Barbie Cake. She is IN LOVE with Tangled so I wanted to incorporate that into her cake.

Rapunzel Barbie-2

Theres a funny story behind this. I am an absolute Disney lover and with my younger siblings a little too old now to use as an excuse to go to the cinemas to watch such films, I missed out. However, I kinda forced Wobbles into having a movie night with me... and of course what did we watch? Tangled!!! hahaha it was really different to the other Disney Princess movies but with the same key ingredients that makes it so loveable. You know the damsel in distress, the shining prince who comes to the rescue, the ugly baddie, a bunch of awesome animal characters with cute personalities and of course a happily ever after ending! ♥ ( I know, I'm such a kid at heart)

Rapunzel Barbie-1

The cake was made from Vanilla cake with a Lychee and coconut buttercream. (Its such a hit with my family). I used a real Barbie because I didnt have enough time to make her face and upper body out of gumpaste and I thought she can keep the Rapunzel Barbie afterwards so "2 birds 1 stone"! Woot! The dress I sculpted instead of using a dress cake tin which you can buy from Wilton. Pascal the little chameleon friend on her shoulder was hand crafted by me from gumpaste.

She had her very cute little soiree at Monkey Mania in Bankstown Sports Club. This place, let me warn you, is CRAZY! OMG there was this huge play set which adults and children were swarmed all over. There must have been at least 100 + plus kids running around, was enough to make me utterly petrified about becoming a parent. But on the other hand, it was also uber cute seeing them all run around in this kiddy paradise and it was hilarious to watch kids run out to their parents, balling their eyes out after being knocked about, recuperate after about 2 mins then head back in for round 2 lol

Rapunzel Barbie-4
Here's little Miss, cant help but think she doesnt look too impressed with my Rapunzel cake ... lol probs comparing it to last years Winnie the Pooh!

Rapunzel Barbie-6
Rapunzel Barbie-9
Haha that kid in the background mustve been belting out the Happy Birthday Song! 
Rapunzel Barbie-10
Rapunzel Barbie-11
"I have no idea whats going on!! Why is everyone singing at me???"
Rapunzel Barbie-12
Cutting of the cake
Rapunzel Barbie-13
Look at that determination on her face!
Rapunzel Barbie-5

It's been ages since I've been to one of these kiddy styled parties, brings back fond memories! Fairy Bread!!! hahaha

Happy 2nd Birthday Chels! 
You're growing up too quick!! 



  1. I LOVE reading stories about your latest cake creations. More please!

  2. gorgeous cake! and mmm fairy bread

  3. Great work Rhonda, the fondant is lovely and smooth! :D

  4. omg thats so pretty rhonda!

    all the best with ur new business!!!

  5. Chel's is so spoilt by you! i would grab your cake with open arms haha


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