March 5, 2012

Full Month Party

Saturday night past was not only Mardi Gras in Sydney but was also the date of the celebration of my cousins baby girl - Adeline - turning 1 month. We had a massive family and friends gathering, nothing short of 100 something people at Zilver in Haymarket. We were all spoilt with a lavish 10 something course meal, typical of the traditional do's that Asians have for big occasions. Incase, any of you were wondering, in Chinese culture its a really big deal when the baby turns 1 month. A big party is usually held for this occasion and its the time when the new born is introduced 'formally' to all their relatives and friends. My part to play that night was of course, the cake.

My cousin wanted something 'WOW' so what better cake to make than what I learnt in cake structures class with none other than the Food Network Cake queen Marina Sousa herself.

Full Month Cake-19

I learnt how to build gravity defying cakes and cakes that tilt and turn at different angles. I had only made a model cake out of complete dummy cakes before so this was a feat to try and do it with real cake.
Full Month Cake-20
This was my first crazy cake, there was soo much fondant on it, it ended up being so heavy!!

Full Month Cake-1

This mammoth cake was specially designed and created for Adeline. It consisted of many tiers... half of which was made from real cake and the other, display cakes. From the pink tier down were real cakes, the flavours we chose were Chocolate with chocolate ganache and Vanilla, lychee and white chocolate.

I must say I was quite a cowboy in my approach. I had a vague idea of what I wanted in my head but when it came around to doing the cake I just went with the flow. First thing I did was rushed to Bunnings and bought all the 'hardware' I would need to build the base of the cake. I felt like Cake Boss whilst assembling it and watching it all come together!

Full Month Cake-3

Full Month Cake-4

I had everything ready and then came the scary part.. transporting the cake. I dont think I will ever get used to anticipation and nerves of cake delivery. Its the most stressful part if you ask me. So many things could go wrong, "what if the cake slides", "what if it falls over or we need to hard break and then the cake will come crashing into the back seat, what if I drop it or trip over whilst walking in my 5 inch heels???" :S

Full Month Cake-5

As the cake was almost a meter tall, I thought it best to be delivered in pieces and assembled when we got there.  In total I managed to break down the cake into 4 parts and delivered in 2 cars. I looked after the more delicate items like the gumpaste booties, teddy and my hot air balloon, whilst my little brother looked after the dummy cake on the cake stand. The rest (that was real cake) was in dads hands. 

Full Month Cake-8
Of course nothing is ever simple, it was pouring down that evening.. which as I'm sure you all know is bad news because fondant cant get wet :/ We looked like retards running from the car to the safety of the steps whilst huddled over the cake parts to make sure they were safe from harms way!

Full Month Cake-9
Little Chelsea kept wanting to steal the elephant off the top all she did was point to the cake all night lol

Arriving a little late (all Wobbles fault because he wanted to go home and get changed), almost half the guests were already there, so pressure was on.. I could feel all eyes on me as I got onto the stage to put this thing together. Luckily, the cake came together quickly and nicely and all the decorations looked sooo cute! 
Full Month Cake-12

Full Month Cake-16

The cake standing proud and tall I was able to relax a little.. 'nothing I can do now, just relax and enjoy yourself' was what was going through my head. But I couldnt help myself and kept turning around to look at the cake during dinner because I was afraid for 1, one of the 1000000000 kids that were running around would knock it down, pull it or steal one of the characters lol and for 2, that my worst nightmare would happen and the cake would somehow fall to bits :S Luckily, it was all in my head and the cake stood as it should the whole night and when it came to cutting the cake, everyone (especially me) was sad to see it getting pulled apart. The lychee was a big hit, many people were waiting in line and it was so cute to see all the kiddies call shot gun on the gumpaste figures. I think one of the adult tables stole the bouquet of handmade roses... I certainly didnt see it at the end of the night lol.

Full Month Cake-18

Congratulations and a big thank you to the lovely hosts Rebecca, John and little baby Adeline for a wonderful evening!! xxx


  1. Mighty mighty impressive girl! How you do it, I don't know. Love the attention to detail you've put into this cake

  2. Amaaaaaaazing and so adorable! You are so damn talented woman!

  3. Wow this cake is amazing! Love the figurines and the hot air balloon and the super cute buttons on the cake on the bottom.

  4. Thats is one amazing cake, even if half of it isnt real. That is just inspirational!

  5. you are a MONSTER cake maker!!

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments guys *blush*

  7. The cakes are so adorable! I love the work you've made into Adeline's, it's too cute. :)

  8. omg that cake is amazing! and haha, i'd want to steal the elephant too :)

  9. Love the little elephant in the hot air balloon! And transporting cakes are a big headache let alone something like that! :o

  10. cool is that!! I was talking to ur dad about it when he came to site last...crazy! MA2 BMPX :)


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