February 20, 2012

First Ever Market Stall

Crows Nest Markets-21

If you've been following me on Twitter or Facebook you've probably heard that I was opening up a stall at the Crows Nest Markets.

It all started a few weeks ago when I decided that I should do something of the sort to get my name out there and share some love. So I tried my luck and called up the lady at the Rotary Club to enquire about a stall. To my surprise there was room available so onward I charged in making the 18th of Feb deadline. This meant doing everything from ordering boxes, to designing a business card and getting them printed, getting stickers printed, making sure I had enough packaging and of course the buying of ingredients, designing my products and baking everything. All this was done of course whilst I still had a 9-5 full time job, plus additional cake orders coming in. I was pulling my hair out by the last week leading up to the markets, but it gets worse. I planned to bake pretty much everything that week so that it would be fresh and yummy for the weekend (I suffered many late nights)

On the Friday, nerves started to kick in and doubt filled my mind so much that I had a bit of a kitchen break down. "Nothing is going right, people aren't gonna even like it, what the hell am I doing??" were the few thoughts that swam around taunting the very physically and mentally exhausted Rhonda. I had to take a step back, blink back tears and what I saw was a whole heap of inventory grinning back at me. With the very little strength I had left, I told myself to shut up, I had gotten in too deep, cant back out now, bite the bullet, stop feeling sorry for yourself and move on!

I finally managed to get everything baked and packed by late evening, oh except the choux puffs because I didnt want them to get soggy. I had hopes of making some display cakes too but as I was kneading the fondant to cover the dummy cake at 12 am, my knees gave out and I had to go lie down. It was a restless night, worry and panic gripped me until I finally gave in.

BEEEP 5.30 am alarm. I honestly wanted to die at that moment. I had barely had 3 hrs sleep! Of course the snoozer in me takes over, but thanks to my trusty partner in crime he booted me out of bed (albeit I was WELLL cranky at the time).

I waltzed to the kitchen, where I had found that fate decided to throw a spanner in the works. My choux pastry had gone stale. NOOOOO!!!! It was heart wrenching, all those puffs I had made were now useless, well not useless per say but not tasty at least.

Crows Nest Markets-1

No time to waste as the markets were to start at 9 and set up was at 8. I turned around quickly and made another batch. Crousillant in the freezer, kitchen aid on, puffs in the oven. As 830 hit, the puffs were out and I was hoping that they would cool quick enough for me to pipe them. 845 puffs were filled and we were off!

Crows Nest Markets-3

Crows Nest Markets-4

Crows Nest Markets-5

Now, like I said, these were my first markets so I thought that we would have designated market spaces but it was free for all so all the road side ones were taken. We must've looked like fools because we had no idea where to go. Initially, we planted ourselves right on the green grassy bit near the fountain but seeing as it was only 9 am and the sun was blazing down with no mercy I made the call to move it to a shaded area for fear my baked ones would melt.

Crows Nest Markets-7
hahaha Mama Baker enjoying her morning coffee

Crows Nest Markets-6

I was honestly shaking under the pressure but thank goodness my family were there to help me. Up went the gazebo. oh ahahhaha this made me laugh, I had a moment where I totally thought that my gazebo was wayyyy bigger than it was and I was mildly embarrassed that it would look like a giantic tent next to everyone elses.... but! it was ok coz it was about the same size as some of the other gazebos there phew!! (I always tend to over do things lol). And everything was finally set up. Starving at this point Mr Wobbles went and got me a yummy sausage sizzle from around the corner which I happily devoured!

Crows Nest Markets-20

Crows Nest Markets-19
Boxes for my baked goodies

Crows Nest Markets-15

Crows Nest Markets-11
Cupcakes - $3.50 each
Flavours included:
Red Velvet with cream cheese icing
Cherry Ripe - Chocolate and sour cherries with a coconut cream cheese icing.
Chocolate with chocolate ganache
Vanilla with white chocolate ganache
Raspberry and white chocolate

Crows Nest Markets-16
Macarons - $1.50 each 
Flavours included:
Mocha - chocolate and coffee
Strawberry and dark chocolate
Vanilla and chocolate
Vanilla and Orange

Crows Nest Markets-8
Pate a Choux - choux pastry filled with real vanilla bean pastry cream - $2 each

Crows Nest Markets-18
Vanilla caramels - $1 a bag

The markets were a great success. There were customers coming in flocks and I got the chance to meet some very lovely people! It was truely worth all that stress. Thank you to everyone who came and made my day. I really appreciate the support and I hope you loved the cupcakes, puffs and macarons as much as I love baking!! ♥


  1. Congratulations on a successful market day! Everything looks absolutely beautiful.

  2. So proud of you! Everything looks absolutely delightful :)

    You're so lucky that your kitchen is so spacious!

    Keep up the good work x

  3. Holy shit woman, you are a machine! At first I thought that you actually made and filled 845 puffs and I was like 0_o. But what a monster effort getting everything done! Congratulations Rhonda! Next market day, I'm so there! xx

  4. Seriously amazing effort given all the trouble and strife you had to deal with.

    Also, talk about fantastic value! A bag of caramels for only $1? Macarons for under $2? Unheard of.

    I hope you put up future market dates on your site, announce them on Twitter etc.

  5. Congrats on your first stall, it looks amazing! Omg I cannot imagine how much you must have been freaking out making the choux at the very last minute! Amazing effort, I wish I could have stopped by but I was stuck in Parra that day :( Next time for sure! xx

  6. Wow congrats with that, so much hard work really paid off, your stall looks beautiful! Just guessing you might like pink? ;) Only wish I could be there to visit! :)

  7. Congrats on your stall! Everything looks perfect. Nobody would have suspected any behind the scenes drama from the look of things!

  8. WOW congrats everything looks amazing :)

  9. Well done Rhonda!!!! Amazing job, love the set up of your stall and your packaging!!! Especially love your fondant cupcakes, and i'm generally not a big fan of cupcakes! Hope to visit your next stall! xxx

  10. What a stunning blog you have! Thanks for visiting me :)
    Congratulations on your stall! Your treats look lovely.

  11. Fantastic! I am drooling over those Pate a Choux, I ate 4 at the Food Boggers' Picnic...

  12. Nice work Rhonda! All of your baked goods look amazing! Let me know when your next market stall is at the Crows Nest Markets coz I'll definitely come over and say hi :)

  13. Another stall happening soon? I'll push past the crowds next time and say hello =p

  14. I LOVE your stall!! I'm just taking the first steps to venturing into the cupcake selling business too :) I'm hoping to start selling cupcakes at a market in the next month or so...I'm also nervous but I hope it all goes well! :)



  15. omg your stall looked amazing! and i can't believe you just 'whipped up' a new batch of choux pastry. i had one of these at the food bloggers picnic and it was crazy good.

  16. Well done you, I have had weeks like that as a caterer, its all part of the fun. We are thinking of doing some markets in the UK - any tips for the first timer? Charlotte.


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