February 23, 2012

Chanel Bag Cake

I was asked sometime last week to make a cake for a friend of a friend of mine, although I was the busiest little bee ever I couldnt resist when I found out they wanted a Chanel Bag.

Chanel Bag-9

I have always dreamed and wanted a classic Chanel bag, its so sheike, classy and understated ... but a little out of my price range (for now).

So after gruelling 10 hr work days I got home to baking and decorating this cake. I wasnt too worried about the bag itself as it was quite simple to do, however, the chains scared me. I individually made each of the links then put them together with the straps the night before it was due. By 11 pm I was exhausted and went to bed.. only to find myself having night mares about the fondant melting off the cake. This I blame on the Bon Voyage cake I made for a friend a few weeks before.The fondant was too wet and started to melt and drag down the cake, so I had to pull everything off and start again. I was not happy.

Anyways, the day it was due and after getting up and preparing for work I did a little prayer as I slowly crept to the kitchen to check on the bag. There it was staring back at me in perfect condition. Needless to say a little victory dance was done and I was on my way to work.

  Chanel Bag-10
Chanel Bag-11

Chanel Bag-12
Chanel Bag-14

Now here was the real scary part. I forgot to stick the chain down. Well rather, I didnt think it necessary but because the driver was a heavy last minute braker (it wasnt me) the chains slid and slided around. So I quickly dashed off to Coles and bought some ready made icing and stuck it down before the cake was picked up. Phew! another cake disaster avoided!!

Chanel Bag-13

Now my efforts are focused on a cake for this Sat. Its a Yoda cake! Im making his head!! Not that I'm a massive Star Wars fan or anything but I was uber excited about this cake too .. its such an awesome challenge I just hope I do him justice. Will keep you guys posted how I go! :)


  1. Woohoo a Yoda cake! haha! But the chanel is gorgeous.. :)

  2. Gorgeous bag cake! You did a brilliant job and I can imagine the chain would be nerve wracking to do!

  3. Unbelievable! Gorgeous cake. You are an incredibly talented and creative person. Love the cake!!!


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