February 8, 2012

Be my Sweetheart?

With the impending "V" day coming up, im sure you all out there are faffing around (just like me) thinking of something thoughtful yet not too cliche to woo your partner over with, right? So you think ohhh a wallet, or a tie or something homemade...picture in a frame perhaps? Clothes (nah too 'unromantic')? Roses? (Break my wallet please)

So if its not too tacky or expensive its something you've given them in the previous years....

I'm always one for making something on Valentines day, its personal and they're forced sure to love it. But there's not always enough time and some just lack creative genes (no offence). Ah ohhh? what now??.... I have the perfect solution!!

Love Pills-6

This year I've made something cute and funky for Valentines day... Sweetheart cakes!!

Love Pills-5
Love Pills-4
Love Pills-3

Remember those little heart shaped lollies with little messages printed onto them? Well, I've transformed this miniature classic into mini cakes perfect for two.

Love Pills-10

The cake is a luscious yet light Red Velvet flavour with a rich chocolate ganache. I am taking orders until this Sat, 11th Feb. The cakes are $15 each and will be nicely boxed with a ribbon. Personalisations also available at no extra cost. If you are interested, please email me at thedaintybaker@gmail.com

♥ Happy Valentines day Everyone! ♥

Ps. Im opening a stall at the Crows Nest Markets. Details havent been finalised yet but I should be there from 9 - 3 pm on Sat the 18th February, if all goes well. So, if you're not doing anything or just wanna pop around to say hi, please do come by! For regular updates and further information about this you can like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter.


  1. How cute! I'm all for making things too rather than going the commercial way. Love red velvet cakes (I made some heart shape ones recently too) and I'm sure these would be a hit for anyone you make them for. Good luck for the markets, would visit but I'm not in the country then :p

  2. Your heart cakes are very adorable, and red velvet is just perfect for Valentines's Day. Best of luck for your market stall.

  3. Aww, how sweet and heartfelt! :) Love the colours, very cute. Did you update your blog layout as well? Looks lovely!

  4. i hope your market stall goes really well. congrats! :-) great love heart sweets.


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