October 8, 2012

McChicken & Mini Me's

I made a burger cake this weekend just past and to my surprise loads of people on my Facebook page and whoever would physically listen, actually guessed right the type of burger it was! :D :D :D

McChicken Cake-10

It was a McChicken burger with 2 slices of cheese - the birthday girls favvvourriitee!! Let me tell you making this cake was such a mind f*ck. The whole time I was craving McChicken (the savoury one) and when I went to pipe on the "mayonnaise", I was so into it that when I tasted it, it even surprised me that it was sweet!! I can only imagine how odd this would've been for those who actually ate the cake! hahaha

The cake was my "Mango-nut" flavour. I was stoked with the rave reviews, suppose everyone loves MANGOES!!! and boy I cant wait for it to fully come into season... its still an exy $5 each at Woolworths and Coles :(

There are so many things I love about this cake, besides the fact that its a SWEETTTT BURGER!! It also has a lot of cute little figurines that reflected the birthday girl's likes and personality. Once I had finished the cake I realised.."omg, I made real life sized cakes of almost all the little figurines". Check it out .. my Mini Me's

mini mes-1-4

mini mes-1-3

McChicken Cake-8

These cute little figurines were no more than a few cms each. How cute is her little fluffy dog called Mimi! 

McChicken Cake-11

McChicken Cake-12

McChicken Cake-13
This is the back view of the burger... I wanted to show it because the scattered fries couldn't really be seen from the front.

McChicken Cake-14

McChicken Cake-15
I made the board look like a McChicken burger wrapper - totally edible of course! ... what do you think?

McChicken Cake-16
Sensible me

McChicken Cake-17
Real  Silly Me hehe

So tell me? Whats your favourite burger and what would you like to see turned into cake? Here are some other recent things I turned into cake :)

Glee Slushie
Glee Slushie cake-1

Dragon Cake-1

Dodge Charger
Dodge Charger-1


  1. The burger cake is incredible! Love all the detail you put into your cakes, especially the mini figurines and the awesome dragon on your dragon cake!

  2. The burger cake looks awesome. Every little detail of a 'real' mcchicken burger was there, down to the sesame seeds on the bun and rustic burnt chicken piece hehe. Love your designs and keep up the good work! Cant wait to see more creative designs of yours.

  3. holy crap your mcchicken looks exactly like the real thing! great work girl!

  4. That is absolutely amazing! I love how you have the different shades of colour in the burger. Your cake making skills are incredible!

  5. zomg so much awesome! The level of detail is amazing but I have to say I'm crazy impressed by the dragon too!

  6. Cute cakes! Would really love to have one for my brothers birhtday and that car cake looks perfect. Another great idea in here got my eye on your next posts.


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