September 18, 2012

Decorating Cakes


I am back from my European adventure!! (actually been back a few weeks but was so swamped with work I haven't had the chance to post!) It was great ... my goodness, 3 weeks of eating, eating more eating and of course roasting it out in France was intense, relaxing and awesome all at the same time! As per usual it went by much too quickly but before I jump into details of it all, I have to share with you all something very exciting! I received this beauuutttiful cookbook upon my return. It's a new cookbook out called "Decorating Cakes" by The Australian Women's Weekly.

decorating cakes-3-2

Although I was totally jetlagged I had a quick flick through and was totally mesmerized by the gorgeous eye candy staring back at me. This book covers all bases from basic cake mixes recipes to cake decorations on all levels (easy, experienced, expert) and even tips and tricks/ conversion charts the lot! An added bonus is that its all just so PRETTYYYYY which makes it alot easier to digest!

decorating cakes-1-2

It was quite difficult to choose between all the decorating options available but I decided to show 2 ends of the spectrum to demonstrate the versatility of this book. For my sisters birthday I made her a Hello Kitty Cake. I used the method for making Hydrangea's as shown on page 62-63 to add to the decorations around the cake.

decorating cakes-2-2

This is quite an easy and simple technique to master. It makes a huge difference to your cakes by adding that extra 3d element. Simple and quick for a massive result!

decorating cakes-7

Another great thing about this book is the step by step guide of how to do a certain technique. Personally, I dont like reading copious amounts of writing in order to get out what I can with a few pictures ... could be my laziness but hey "pictures speak a thousand words"!

decorating cakes-1

decorating cakes-2

The second technique that I learnt from this book was "raised embossing", not sure if thats what its called but that's the best way I could explain it lol. Basically its using embossed fondant on a cake then piping with royal icing over the top for that extra layer of lace look. I used it on a recent wedding cake that I made and was really happy with the results. It's more difficult than the Hydrangea flowers but its all about practice! 

decorating cakes-14

decorating cakes-12

decorating cakes-11

Mine wasnt as fancy as the one in the book (see below) but I know with practice I'll get there! :)

decorating cakes-9     decorating cakes-8

Here are some snap shots of random pages in the book...
decorating cakes-4
decorating cakes-5

Its so prettily done isnt it? I love the styling in the book. I didn't get a chance to try out the recipes but there was one I had my eye on, it was the "Raspberry Hazelnut cake", sounds delish!! And... for all the recipes there's a chart for loads of different sized pans already calculated for you, so you don't even have to do any conversions or calcs! Genius!

I also forgot to mention its not just cakes. There's cupcakes, cookies, cake pops everything! A one stop decorating .. book :) Be great for a gift or even to surprise a baker.

The Australian Woman’s Weekly Decorating Cakes, ACP Books, RRP $49.95  Available from bookstores and online at


  1. This is such a stunning look. It inspires me to get into the 'fancier' decorating side of baking!


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