March 12, 2013

Wedding Mania

I'm at the stage of my life where most of my friends are either getting engaged or married! .... But recently one of my best friends got engaged and of course I have been dubbed her cake maker (and bridesmaid)! This is going to by my first time in a bridal party so I'm uber excited!! To get me in the mood I've decided to put together a Wedding special's post today! Below showcases some of the recent wedding cakes I've made for some lovely brides this year.

Fantasy flower-4

Peach Roses-1

Lace Piping-1

Heart cupcake tower-3

Elegant BW-4

And here... are some happy snaps of her engagement cake that I made for her engagement party. The top tier was double choc and the bottom 2 tiers were white choc (which was a massive hit!)

Engagement Cake Collage-1

Engagement Cake-5

Engagement Cake-7

♥ Congrats my lovey!! ♥

Oh and a few weeks back I was fortunate enough to be interviewed for an article by News Local. They wanted to find out what it was like being a baker and having my own business as a career... It was a little nerve racking but I'm glad I did it :)

Here's one version of the article:  
It was printed in the Mosman Daily, North Shore Times, Hornsby Advocate, Northern District Times and Manly Daily. I've only seen the one in the Mosman Daily so if you've seen a different version please let me know! :)

Rhonda Article

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