May 24, 2012

Then and Now

So about a year ago to this day, I had done my 2 weeks of travelling around NYC, Toronto, Montreal, Washington DC etc and now it was time to get down to business and start what I had gone half way around the globe for. School.

I still remember how nervous I was! I had my Chefs uniform on and ready and I was anticipating how the school would be like and the people that I would meet. Time seems to go so fast, it hit me like a tonne of bricks to think that was a year ago, so close yet so far. 

I like to think that I've come a long way since that day. I've learnt so much and had so many life changing experiences in such a short period of time. "Then", I was learning the basics of baking science. "Now", I'm learning how to conquer my baking feats that come my way, replicating edible versions of things I've never even seen in real life! lol "Then", I wanted to get away from Sydney and didn't really know my direction in life. "Now", I'm home and happier than ever and have a business that I love and am devoted to. 

Although I moan alot I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the great friends that I've made during my Notter days and my friends and family back home who have been my strength and support through such an important time in my life. I am where I am today because of you all and all your words of encouragement and unfaltering faith in me mean more than words can say. 

haha so I've become a little emotional in writing this post lol On the brighter side, here are some more "nows" that's occurring in The Dainty Baker's Life. Hope you Enjoy! xx

Ombre Fantasy Wedding Cake

Ombre Fantasy Wedding cake-2
Ombre Fantasy Wedding cake-6
Ombre Fantasy Wedding cake-5
Ombre Fantasy Wedding cake-3
This was the first proper wedding cake I made for a Client. She came to me with those cute elf cake toppers and wanted a tree/fantasy like wedding cake. The cake was chocolate and hazelnut flavoured with a beautiful light meringue icing on the outside. Different to the usual fondant covered cakes I make and I absolutely love the ombre look!

Chelsea Premier League Cake
Chelsea Cake-7

Chelsea Cake-4

Chelsea Cake-2

My entire family (except dear old Wobbles) are Chelsea fans, so when my cousin turned 18 and requested a Chelsea Premiership league cake I just had to make the trophy! Initally I was going to make the whole cake in the shape of the trophy but decided that they might want to keep the trophy as a token so I altered the design, where the rest of the cake is edible and the trophy could be kept as it was made entirely of gumpaste.

Corolla Cake
This was my first ever 3D car cake! It didnt occur to me that I had never made one before until a Client requested this souped up Corolla her beau used to own. It was so much fun sculpting and making this cake! 
Corolla Cake-8

Corolla Cake-6

Corolla Cake-5

Corolla Cake-3

1961 Cadillac Cake

Cadillac Cake-1
I must have spoken too soon! Funny how I dont get any car orders then in the same week I get 2! I had a last minute order for a 1961 Cadillac. I was like whats a "1961 cadillac?!" at first but then after much googling I was able to piece together enough angles of the car to make this cake.

Cadillac Cake-7

Cadillac Cake-5

Cadillac Cake-3

Cadillac Cake-2



  1. Can't believe it's been a year since the US... gawd...where has the time gone??

    Love your work as always

  2. Where does the time go?! Your cakes are fabulous, I know a couple of friends who would love that Chelsea trophy cup cake! :)


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