July 13, 2010


I am over the moon! .... I have just found out that I've officially finished (passed all uni exams) my 5.5 years of uni!!! YAY!!! Finally, I can say that I have persevered and conquered that milestone called "university"!!

To celebrate, we went to dinner last night at Soban in Chatswood (Westfield next to Kam Fook)...love this place!

It combines traditional Korean food with elements of modern Australian to really pick up the cuisine.

We ordered (way too much as per usual) ....

Prawn & Grapefruit Salad - Lovely pesto marinated prawns with the freshness of grapefruit to cut through the acidity of the balsamic vinegar and bits of feta to bring it altogether... amazing....

Soban Bulgogi - not your traditional style bulgogi but with all the same flavours, instead of the thinly sliced beef, Soban uses larger cuts of beef marinated until its ever so tender, chargrilled and served on a hot plate with assortments of sides such as wedges drizzled with mayo & deep fried vermicelli, beans & veggies.

Kimchi Ji-Gae - Is a hot pot where kimchi is used as a soup base with potato noodles, ham, tofu & veggies all bubbling inside its cute little stone pot....a great winter warmer! It also comes with its own little assortment of condiments (for me the defining element of Korean cuisine), these included a cold pumpkin puree/soup (was a tad too sweet) , kimchi, beans and dried shrimp doused with a mild chilli sauce & salted seaweed.

We also ordered the Grilled King Prawn & Chilli Gal-Bi Jjim (amazing... the ribs were SOO TENDER... the very definition of FALLING OFF THE BONE!) but I got too hungry and had to put down the camera ... hence no pics... but not to worry you can check out their website on http://www.soban.com.au/ for a full menu with pictures.

And of course, there is ALWAYS room for dessert... Green Tea Icecream ♥

I also do apologise for my shocking photography.... I am still a novice... but practice makes perfect... right???


  1. Congrats on finishing uni Rhonda!! your blog makes me hungryyyyy xx

  2. Congratulations on finishing uni! I love Korean food. I squeal when I see kimchi :)

  3. Congratulations! I LOVE green tea ice cream and I'm so close to Chatswood I should try this place out!

  4. been wanting to try Soban for awhile now...but the opportunity keeps eluding me! looks like i need to give it to the urge!


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