March 7, 2011

- Flowers -

Things have been sh*t lately.

I know I whinge and whine alot. All my friends tell me I do. But why oh why is God doing this to me? Maybe it's character building? Maybe I've had it coming for me? Whatever it maybe, I want out.

I want to submerge myself into the land of the sweet and sticky. The soft marshmallowy goodness of smiles and laughter. The brain numbing few seconds worth of ecstacy otherwise known as "WTF, Ooo Ooo OMG, COLD!!" when an icecream is devoured a little too quickly. The comforting, hearty (usually fatty) awesomeness of a home cooked roast with beautiful aromas wafting through the household, to which I float towards with an empty belly and a wide open mouth.

That is what my life should be like. That is what I want. If you are not that then please find your way to the exit, get out of my sight and never return! *foot stamp*

Yes, I can be dramatic. I know, I know.

I tell myself it's not so bad. It's not so bad. Onward I plough. My guiding light? (drum roll please...)

I AM GOING TO THE US of A, baby!!!

I will be going there for 6 months. To do what? I hear you ask?



I have finally built up the courage to do it. I'm going to Orlando, Florida to partake in a 6 month baking course at the Notter School of Pastry Arts. I was inspired by a fellow blogger Su Yin of The Journal of a Girl who loves to Cook.

I used to stalk her blog along with several other food blogs whenever I was having a bad day or just needed some inspiration (usually at work). Somehow all the beautiful cakes & pretty cookies would always bring a smile to my face and erase whatever crap was bringing me down.

Now I can make my own journey, instead of living life vircariously through others. I don't intend for this trip to be a band aid solution to all my problems here. But a good break and a breath of fresh air might just make me see things clearer and teach me the art of "letting go".

I hope this trip will be a good learning experience, both in the kitchen and life in general – take each step with my chin up, big smile and a mouth full of food! :) ... and of course, you guys will be coming along on the journey with me get ready for a ridiculous rollacoaster ride!!! ;)

"But I won't regret ‘cause you can grow flowers from where dirt used to be"
- Kate Nash -


  1. This is exciting news indeed! I remember reading Su Yin's blog when she did the course and it looks amazing (esp. the fondant work). Hope you'll continue to tell us all about it.

  2. That is absolutely freaking brilliant news! I followed Su-Yin through her pastry school courses doing the vicarious dream thing too - but you're actually going to do it! Have a fantastic time and please do share :)

  3. woahhh awesome! im sure you'll have a freaking fabulous time and hope you continue to blog!

  4. OMG - how exciting for you! 6 months is a great amount of time to be away...clear the cobwebs from your head and experience something new. Jealous!

  5. I will be coming over with an open mind and a open mouth too wink wink musge nudge joke lol I think we re talking about different things. Mmm cheer up beautiful the world is full of hungry men and opportunities! Creme brûlée ice-cream and chocolate smothered American dudes are just what you need hahahahah

  6. Oh no you're leaving? When? :(

    But congrats sweets on following your dream! You're so freaking talented as it is so I can't wait to see what awesome cakes you'd be making after doing this course!

    You'll be missed so don't stay away from your interweb friends for too long! xx

  7. America... the land of opportunity!!! Guess in some cases it is true.

    But congrats! Two thumbs up and respect for following you dreams!! Have an awesome time in the USofA and learn to create something to amaze us all!!!

    P.S. You must head and party like an animal in VAGAS BABY!!! What happens in VAGAS stays in VAGAS!

  8. How exciting! Good luck and can't wait to see the fruits of your labour!

  9. Awww exciting news! Good luck with your new journey!! =)

  10. 6 months baking course? That sounds really exciting and have lots of fun!! :)

  11. All the best with your trip and adventure! Looking forward to read all about it.

  12. Hooray! I'm so happy that you're taking this giant step, this will be an amazing experience for you and I know you'll love every minute of it.
    I will miss you dearly but as a good friend I know this is just what you need.
    Spread your wings and be free from your troubles. xx
    Where ever you go and what ever you do always remember the only person you can truely rely on is yourself. If you want something go get it.
    And just so you know, when you get back I expect to hear all your stories while sampling some of your new treats!
    Much love xx

  13. Hey lady. congrats. I'm so glad you've taken the leap. Amy xo


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