November 1, 2010

LA Lakers Kobe Bryant Cake

LA Lakers Cake-3

The story behind this cake goes something like this...

Wednesday Morning @ Work
G: "Darl I know this is late notice but could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a Lakers cake for A's birthday?" (G is my bestie & A's awesome gf)
R: "Sure when do you need it by?"
G: "This weekend"
R: O.o "But I'm going away for the weekend.. leaving Friday and I'm taking the kids for a movie on Thursday..."

Wednesday late evening
R: "YOU TOTALLY OWE ME! .. buggered as .. come pick it up tomorrow x"
G: "You're the best!"

Thursday afternoon after work

LA Lakers Cake-9
R: :)
G: :D
A: :D

Crazy huh? But boy, I felt on top of the world being able to pull it off and it was worth all the effort once I saw their faces and reactions at the sight of that cake. I think that is exactly the moment I savour most as a baker (next to when the first bite is eaten, of course!), the moment where their eyes light up & pure bliss hits their faces when they see the edible creation infront of them, you can almost see them jumping around inside like a little kid again... such joy! :) That's why I love baking so much, it enables me to bring so much love and happiness to those around me by allowing me to share these special moments & memories with them through my food and cakes.

LA Lakers Cake-2
To make this cake, I used 2 x the recipe here, baked in 2 rectangular pans. To shape the cake, I cut out sleeves for "arms" in the top 2 corners of each rectangular slab cake.

The frosting was one that I had previously made here, the only difference is I added some Frangelico to the frosting too... similarly, before I sandwiched the two rectanglar slabs together with frosting, I brushed/soaked them with more Frangelico. Besides the booze factor, it also helped to keep the cake moist :)

LA Lakers Cake-1

The cake was covered with Orchard's White Icing (a premade fondant you can get from Woolworths or Coles) and I also used Wilton's coloured pastes to colour the fondant.

Tip - instead of using icing sugar, use cornflour whilst rolling out the fondant so it doesn't stick to the surface or your hands.

Happy 24th Birthday A, hope you had a great one! x

LA Lakers Cake-4



    i like the photography tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (must be cos i helped wid that! LOL

    thx again R!! HAHAHAH

  2. You are a genius baker (you need to change your blogname)! And Frangelico in the frosting, yes please!!

  3. This is amazing! It looks perfect, I'm super impressed!!

  4. gosh you're such a good friend!
    cakkkkkeeeeee :D

  5. This is awesome!! You're super talented!

  6. Wow that is amazing! I can't believe you did all that in one day as well!

  7. You always surprise me with a new creation :)

  8. OMG-this cake rocks! It's Laker Nation in our house so-I love it and so would my husband.

  9. :-D That looks so cool! I'd never have the patience to decorate cakes like this!

  10. OMG !! A LAKERS CAKE!!!!!! AMAZING!!!

  11. Cake looks amazing!!! lets hope they play as well as you Bake!!!!

  12. Wow! Just amazing work! I love the colours, they're so spot on! :)

  13. you are a superwoman!!!!!!!!! I will never, ever forget that Manchester United cake you made for me - also requested at the very last minute hehe xxxx

  14. Say what?! Absolutely amazed at how quickly you were able to put that cake together (and how great the lettering looks).

    Well done!

  15. What a great friend you are!

    This cake looks great. I haven't worked with fondant and cakes, so I'm slowly trying to pick up pointers on the subject.

  16. I Absolutely love this cake! You got the lakers colours and logo spot on! I know this because my family are massive lakers supporters - to the point that if they loose a game, we dont have dinner at home. TRUE STORY!

    you are my cake idol! xx


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